Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Turning on a Dime

We’re working towards a solution that involves a GC to build a small exterior structure that we would then clad and “theme” to meet the project needs. We started exploring what would be a typical approach to this project, when out of the blue someone mentioned SIPs (structural insulated panels). This is certainly not our usual bailiwick, but clearly of interest to a number of us in the meeting. Within minutes, we have shifted gears (really turned on a dime), and have an architectural expert and commercial SIP supplier on a conference call. We spent most of the day on Friday continuing our research and coming to the conclusion that our new approach was hands down the best way to move forward.

This entry isn’t intended to be about the use of SIPs on architectural installations, but more about the excitement of the opportunities in our industry to be agile and adaptive. My very favorite part of my job can be summed up by that meeting: just having the chance to sit around a table full of a bunch of men and women, all brilliant at their jobs, and come up with solutions that are new, and are a stretch, and that keep us excited to come to work each morning. Last week it was SIP panels, next week it will be something else, but the recipe of collaboration and the final outcome of a good solution are always the same.

Even though I said this isn’t about SIPs; if you would like to learn more, check out their webiste @ www.sips.org

Check back and we promise to show you our actual fabrication process for this project.

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