Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dimensional Innovations Uses Flexible Thin Film Solar Panels to Create a First-of-its-Kind Application for Standalone Off the Grid Solar Signage

Overland Park, Kan. – Dimensional Innovations, a specialty design and fabrication firm, collaborated with Green Duck Energy Solutions, Inc. and Green Light Initiative to produce a new prototype solar sign solution. This solution eliminates the need for large photovoltaic (crystalline) panels and instead integrates new flexible thin film solar panels that are applied directly to the top or sides of the sign.

“This application is a breakthrough in solar signage. We are now able to construct signs, while keeping the original design intent intact and providing our clients with the optimal green alternative to their signage needs,” said Curtis Shaddox, research and development specialist for Dimensional Innovations.

By implementing this solar solution into the design of a sign, the costs of installing and operating a sign become significantly reduced; eliminating utility bills, qualifying for tax credits and energy grants and reducing the users’ carbon footprint. A Federal Government investment tax credit allows users to receive an automatic 30% tax incentive off of the sale price.

Rather than dig trenches, add a new breaker and get an electrical permit to run wires to distant signs, a solar sign is a cost-effective and green solution. A solar sign is a self-contained system which powers the sign directly from the sun, stores the power in batteries and disperses it, to power the highly efficient LED lights on a controlled basis. The sign is powered by a standalone off the grid solar system.

The thin film solar panel array charges the battery during daylight hours and the battery supplies power to the loads when needed. The charge controller terminates the charging when the battery reaches full charge. The system will maintain a reserve capacity for up to three days with little to no direct sunlight. At times the thin film panels can double the amount of electricity-producing hours.

These thin film solar panels are the most reliable, durable, and lightweight of its kind on the market. The thin film solar panels are made with professional marine-grade components and rugged UV-stabilized materials and perform well in diverse environments.

“Dimensional Innovations has always been a leader in innovative design. We are proud to be on the cutting-edge of developing this application of flexible thin film solar panels for the signage industry,” said Jim Baker, CEO of Dimensional Innovations.

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