Thursday, March 19, 2009

Adapting to a new environment

I am extremely tempted to write this post about adapting to the new economic climate. I was going to write about framing this period in a new way, as a huge opportunity to be creative, as opposed to an obstruction in our path.

But... I am sure you have heard enough about the economy, so I would like to tell you about a completely different situation where innovation has conquered constraints.

In Dover, KS there is a truly unique place. Home to Ed and Dianna Peden, Subterra Castle is a nuclear missile launch station that they have converted into their home! I am going to quote from their website because I don't think I can describe it more effectively: "Once, an Atlas E intercontinental ballistic missile with a 4 megaton warhead was housed in the protective underground cavern. Now the missile is gone and the launch control structure is converted into spacious living space with an eclectic spirit of peace."

Here are a couple of pictures:



Who would have thought you could house a New Age drum den in a Cold War missile bunker?

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